Air Hostess Pick up Lines – Join the Mile High Club

Plane journey’s suck, so if you see a hot flight attendant why not spice things up a little? Try these proven air hostess pick up lines for size.

Now, this one looks hard. You’ve not got very long to chat to them, they’ll be busy, and there are lots of other people around. Also, your chances of banging one on the flight are basically nil. Air hostesses will get fired on the spot for fraternising with a passenger, so they won’t.

However they do have paid-for hotel rooms and will often want to party it up in a new city with no consequences back home. Plus the nature of job means that not many have boyfriends.

There are some things you can do if you have an air hostess fantasy…

Some air hostess pick up lines:

Start with an opener

An interesting opener is to ask for a photo with her (‘you know, so I can remember the holiday’) and kino her as much as you can in that time.

If it’s a long haul flight wait until dinner is served and the lights have gone down because until then she’ll be really busy. After that, however, they don’t have much to do and will be quite open to you talking to them.


After you’ve done the photo opener you could transition by asking for her name and then asking what it’s really like to be an air hostess (‘do you really have all those sexy parties I hear about?’ ‘Do pilots get laid all the time?’ etc).

Next, you have to handle logistics. If it’s a long haul flight then they’ll be staying over somewhere, so ask for her phone number and suggest a day 2: ‘where are you staying? … Oh I hear that’s nice/there are some cool bars around there. What’s your number? We should meet up and go drinking.’

Get the details

Now, hot air hostesses will have lots of guys chatting to them, but very few will be brave enough to ask her for her number, so your odds are better than you think.  You won’t get laid on the plane, so get her digits, assess the logistics and try to meet up.

If it’s a short haul flight, do a facebook close and suggest that she gets in touch when she flies to your home city. If she’s going to get back in touch, it’s got to be on, so I’d suggest demonstrating interest in her rather than playing it totally cool.

What other air hostess pick up lines could you use? I’d suggest going up to her in a quiet moment, or waiting for her to pass you and saying ‘hold on, I just have to say it or I’ll be kicking myself later.

You’re really hot. Hi, I’m X’ and then chat her up from there. You could go indirect but asking whether, for example, your shirt makes you look gay is an odd thing to do – I mean, you could have asked the guy next to you rather than her. As it’ll be clear you’re trying to chat her up, direct makes more sense anyway.

So in  nutshell, air hostess pick up lines have a higher ratio of working out for you because you have a longer duration on the flight. Sweet!

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