The Top 10 Best Pick up Lines Ever

Every man at some point needs a helping hand with a woman. Don’t let the banter put you off and keep you from bagging the girl! Here are the top ten best pick up lines ever thought of and spoken by a man.

1. A compliment

Chris Rock, noted philosopher and poet, once mused that women need food, water, and compliments. There’s nothing better than getting someone’s attention by complimenting them on something they’ve worked on – their sense of style, and poise. It’s the best pick-up line.

2. An introduction from a friend

Why’s this good? She knows that you have friends. If it’s from a female friend, even better – you’re already pre-selected. If you can attract one woman, you can attract another – it’s how most people’s long-term relationships start.

3. Paying attention

Women appreciate someone who knows what’s going on instead of someone thumbing through mental indexes of canned lines. If there’s something weird happening in the venue, comment on it. If she’s wearing something interesting, comment on it. It’s not rocket science – but it’s effective. The best pick-up line is one that’s spur of the moment.

4. ‘Hey, I’m…..’

Coupled with a handshake and no hesitation, the simplest things are the most effective. You have to remember – people barely remember the first thing they say to each other – if the interaction goes swimmingly, it won’t even matter.

5. Pre-Opening

Asking a basic question, introducing yourself, then returning later is incredibly effective for tearing down any kind of resistance somebody would be putting up in a place like a nightclub or a bar. Additionally, you can do this to the entire bar.

6. Something Situational

People who share an event together usually talk about it. If something’s happening that you can talk about – open somebody based off of it.

7. Something Direct

Directness is a sign of value. So if you really want to go up to a girl and tell her she’s attractive, go for it – but don’t hesitate. And be prepared to stay afterwards to build up comfort.

8. Something Normal

Most approaches women hear during the day are bad. All you have to be is NOT bad at talking to strangers. The fact you know the bar is so low should be to your advantage.

9. ‘How’ have you been?’

It sounds a bit cheesy — but it’ll disarm her friends, and get the conversation going. That’s where you do the heavy lifting.

10. Opening her friends

Sometimes, to get the girl, you need to charm the group. So instead of the girl, use lines on the group.

There you have it! The best pick up lines we’ve ever come across that actually get you the response you want.

Now go out and use them with a dabble of confidence, sprinkled with some charisma and you’ll do just fine. Not convinced these are the best pick up lines out there? Give us your own below and let others decide!

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4 Responses to The Top 10 Best Pick up Lines Ever

  1. Charlie says:

    Great list. I actually use situational openers all the time, they work like crazy. Women don’t respond to cheesy chat up lines and never have done, so guys need to address the important issues here by creating lines for themselves that do one thing and one thing only… break the ice.

    After that you’re on your own and need to have good game to keep the conversion flowing. It’s easy with a little practice, but you need to bite the bullet and just go for it.

    • charles says:

      You are not completely right. Women DO respond to the CHEESIEST pick up line from time to time if the context/situation/delivery is right. Sometimes that is luck like its their time of the month when they’re hottest etc.

  2. Adam w says:

    I really like the ‘ hey I’m…. approach as it sounds like you already know the person and is pretty natural. This may sound corny but sometimes as I’m walking in the street I like to just say hi’ to women and wink smile or wave my hand at them, this doesnt always get me a full interaction but I can approach many women and build my confidence up for the night out and have a laugh with my friends. After doing thus 10 times I feel pumped up and ready to have proper interactions in a club bar or street.

    Also from hi! Onwards if you get a positive response I just tell them my name, if they. Are interested they will tell me theirs. Or vice versa ask for their name and wait for them to ask for yours.

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