Pick up Lines for Beautiful Girls – These Work like Magic

Ah. Everyone wants to know how to pick up beautiful girls. So let’s cut to the chase, I’m about to reveal pick up lines for beautiful girls that most guys have never even come across before.

The problem is that, the more beautiful the girl, the better your game has got to be. Because there are guys like us that hit on girls, it shouldn’t be surprising to think that really hot girls get hit on a lot.

I mean, all the time. A hot girl might be standing at the bus stop in the rain looking angry on her way back from work and there’s still going to be some guy that wants to try his luck. Believe me, hot women have heard some of the worst pick up lines, so you need to be original.

So a really hot girl is going to be very well socialised. She’s going to have lots of guys who want to sleep with her around her all of the time. As such, if you’re going to be successful, you’re going to need to have pretty solid game.

What’s crucial to a pick up line for a beautiful girl is that you’re not going to be needy. Whatever it is you say, you can’t come across like she’s really important to you, even if you think she is super-super hot.

What I’d suggest is avoiding cheesy pick up lines. For hot girls, you should go for something indirect or direct, rather than cheesy and awkward.

Indirect – where you’re asking her, or talking about, something other than her.

  • For example ‘hey, did you see just see that …  you didn’t? Oh my god, there were just two midgets fighting in the street. Yeah, it was crazy.
  • Or ‘Hey. Help me out here. It’s a friend’s special birthday, and I want to surprise them with some jewellery. I’ve got £100 to spend, but I don’t know what on. What do you suggest? … What would you like for £100?
  • Or ‘Hey, I just had to ask. I’ve been thinking about this recently. Wallabies as pets? What do you think? I think they’d be awesome, and you could pick up so many girls taking yours for a walk in the park, so why has no one else done this.

Direct – you state your intent and interest.

They way I want you to do this is by showing that you want her, but you don’t need her. James Bond will tell a woman how beautiful she is, but he won’t worry about walking away because he knows there are plenty more where this one came from.

  • For example ‘Hi. Sorry. I just saw you from the other side of the street, and I had to come over and say hi. You are beautiful. … Hi, I’m Richard. Who are you?’
  • Or ‘I have to tell you, you are gorgeous and I love your style’  and then you walk away. This works in a bar, not the street, because you can come back to her later and she’ll be wondering ‘omg, who is that guy?’
  • Or ‘Hi. I’m going to have to stop you right there. I caught you out of the corner of my eye and I just had to come and chat you up because you’re stunning. … What’s your name?’

Remember though: non-needy. Lean back and don’t talk too fast, that’s the only way you should ever use pick up lines on beautiful girls.

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